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Update 2 January 2014

on August 18th, 2018 at 5:00:53 PM

Hello again from Battambang!
It's rest day today so time to catch up with all we are doing here. Some of the team have gone sightseeing on the Bamboo train out into the country side. Others have gone shopping in the markets. There's also a museum and local crafts to explore.

We've found delicious coffee this year! So our coffee competition has ended and we'll need to come up with a new challenge for next year! There are new restaurants to try. We've had a birthday party on the hotel deck with a tasty cake, hats, spray party foam and balloons.

Enough of our R and R! The workshops are in full swing with teaching and learning strategies that can be used across the curriculum, being emphasised and practiced. We are all excited to share with our Cambodian colleagues. The principals have observed all the workshops, games are being played, teaching and learning strategies explored, science experiments completed, picture books being written, school visits have been made, English as a second language workshops have been to Internet cafes to learn social media and communication skills, Train the Trainer teachers are assisting in the workshops, Cambodian translators are all working really effectively. We would be lost without their support.

Watch out for the new cooks back in Australia! Many of our team have been to a cooking school to learn authentic Khmer cooking skills. You might get an invite to taste test their skills!
Our workshop photos have been taken plus plenty of photos showing everyone in action.
So there will be plenty to share when we arrive back home.

Wednesday is our final workshop session and the Closing ceremony.
Till next update.

Marg Allen