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Battambang team prepares for the workshops - January 2013

on August 18th, 2018 at 5:01:48 PM

It’s great to be back!! 

The team is gathering now in Cambodia to head to Battambang and we're all orienting ourselves to the climate, the smells, the food and the way of life in Cambodia. The rooster was our alarm this morning!!!

New team members are soaking up the culture and especially the history of Cambodia and its impact on Education. We're getting used to motor bikes, tuk-tuks, happy children, friends, the ice man, trucks racing everywhere, busy traffic, music... all unique.

It's so good to be greeted by friends and colleagues as we travel and settle back into life for a short while here. There are changes around with more roads and four wheel drives everywhere!

This is the beginning of our time here so we'll be in touch again soon and we'll be in full teaching mode then. Next stop Battambang. Settle in. Meet our individual translators. Find out where our workshops will be run. Visit schools to see teaching in action.


Till next news...
The TAB team 2013 from Battambang.