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Activities in and around Kampong Thom


About 30km north-east of Kampong Thom are some very picturesque ancient temple ruins, named Sambor Prei Kuk.. A local minibus was hired for the expedition at a cost of US$60.

Phnom Sontuk

This is a mountain temple of 960 steps with Buddhas and lookouts on the journey up. It is about a 30 min tuk tuk ride from Kampong Thom. There are carved reclining buddhas and pagodas at the top. Photographic scenery and a short visit to the sculpture village can be included.

River Cruise

It’s possible to hire a good-sized boat (to accompany 15-20 people) for US$15/hour. The river cruise included stopping at a local village which provided workshop leaders with some insight into life in rural Cambodia – off the tourist track it.


It is possible to get simple Khmer style skirts and jackets made with a 24 hour turnaround.


There is a good sized market in Kampong Thom located south of the river near the hotel selling fruit and local textiles as well as plastic household goods. Soy and cows’ milk is available (long -life).

There is a second market across the river and downstream. It is a local market and better priced than the main market. It is also great for novelty value and photography.

Tuk-tuk Photo Expedition

Rent a tuk-tuk to meander along, stopping as frequently as you want for as long as you want. Two hours cost US$12.

2009 Group